Lirik Lagu I Can’t Stop Loving You – Ardhito Pramono

Koleksi Lagu Terbaik Ardhito Pramono

Its so hard to find the right place
Yeah I have my life has left
With all the regrets
That makes all the best

Promise I would
Spend it all with you
Making the world just for two
Built I have in june(?)
I hope it will soon

I believe in you
There is nothing you//
Can not do
I cant stop loving yopu
Oh I just

Its different story
But not scary
Don’t have money to throw
Or party place (?)
Remember I will make
You happy I would

I believe in you
There is nothing you.
Cannot do
I can’t stop loving you
J, I know

It is hard too
But you will call true
Will make all the promise land(?)
Seems not hard to find
That I hope you’ll end (?)
That we finally find