Lirik Lagu If You Understand – George Baker

Lagu Terbaik George Baker

If you understand, what I feel for you
You don’t have to worry, that I think I do
If you read my mind, words that I can say
Then you’ll know the answer, the reason
Why I stay

If you understand, why the sky is blue
And it is so easy, to be a human too
But there is someone, that we never know
But I’ll keep on trying, love will make it grows

Love is a wonderful thing
Where all my dream are made
Love is the answer, the reason for living
Darling, what can I do, to make you feel it too
Happiness, that make the fire glow

Let me be your light, on this narrow road
But my helping handed, to let my feeling shows
So if you understand, all the words I’ve said
Then you’ll know the answer, what there’s
Inside my head

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