Lirik Lagu The Sun – Ardhito Pramono

Koleksi Lagu Terbaik Ardhito Pramono

Well I know that you don’t like me
But, boy, I like you completely
To me you are the only one in my mind
We met at the classroom’s friend of mine
Later that day your girlfriend comes
With a pack of love and your eyes shines
I made this poem with broken arms
I know it sounds a lot awkwards
For you

You know to me you’re like the sun
You spread your warmth to everyone
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I can not get you off my mind
Neither to call you mine
And love is blind, i know it’s right
Because you’re in my mind every night
Ah, boy, I fall in love with you
But I know that you don’t like me too
To me you are the sun
But I’m not the only one
For you